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On 2/6/2021 at 12:34 PM, ComradeMaster said:

But in all seriousness I'm noticing an industry wide trend where developers and publishers are keeping their projects under wraps to avoid overhype, which is smart considering the CD Projekt Red fiasco.  

I suspect when announced Avowed might have been in very early stages - I think the idea was to communicate what Microsoft owned studios are up to: very much like they like to do with consoles.

But yeah, no fake gameplay demo showing like a game will hopefully look and play in 3 years time. As disappointing it is to not know more, I will take waiting over unreliable promises. 

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I agree Wormerine. I think Microsoft showcased Avowed when they did for the new x-box marketing purposes. Not cuz they had a particular interest in that moment to announce the game. Hopefully Obsidian will learn from contemporary history and release it when it's done and ready. 

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