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Just wonder, what is the best way to build Pallegena for mass ranged party. I generally just build her for use of Silver Flash with this build:

  • Flames of Devotion
  • Vielo Vidorio
  • Zealous Focus
  • Critical Focus
  • Sworn Enemy
  • Wrath of Five Suns
  • Coordinated attack
  • Weapon focus: Ruffian
  • Reviving Exhortation
  • Penetrating Shot
  • Healing Chain
  • Gunner
  • Abjuration
  • Intense Flame
  • Liberating Exhortation
  • Marksman

For equipment I get something with Overseering and Boots of Zealous aura.

I wonder is there a way to optimize this type of build further. Right now I understand that I overlooked St. Graham spark but I am more interested about ability/talant optimisation

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I personally don't think Critical Focus is worth it. If you have a Priest even Zealous Focus is a bit meh and I'd go with Zealous Charge which is nice to have on a ranged char with shortish range (blunderbuss).

Vielo Vidorio's base duration of 6 secs is way too short for my taste, I never pick it.

I like to take Runner's Wounding Shot so I have one more gun ability per encounter in addition to FoD.

I like to use Prestitigitator's Missiles, too - because Penetrating Shot works with it (without affecting the recovery) and that way Pallegina can unload two longer ranged attacks (Wrath and Missiles) before closing in with the blunderbuss attacks.

If you take Intense Flames (and put a burning lash on the weapon) you should also get Scion of Flame imo. FoD (50%) + Intense Flames (25%) + Burning Lash (25%) (combined 100%) all get a raise of 20% then which is pretty good - also in order to help the individual lashes to overcome the burn DR or enemies. 

Before getting Silver Flash I like to use Lead Spitter because the Rending (+3 DR bypass) enchantment makes it more useful against non-low DR targets. I will add Ryona's Vambraces (+3 DR bypass) because with blunderbusses you want to have all the DR bypass you can get.
But: lahes don't profit from DR bypass at all - so when using a blunderbuss with Flames of Devotion it's still best to target low-DR foes or switch to an arquebus for the high-DR foes which you want to shoot with FoD - you just get more dmg out of that. Pliambo per Casitàs ist one of he best ranged weapons for a Paladin imo, especially in combination with Coordinated Attacks. In order to switch from blunderbuss to arquebus I like to equip the Coil of Resoucefulness and add Quick Switch. That way I can switch to the best tool (blunderbuss against squishies, arquebus against tough ones) without any recovery penalty. If you have party members with DR-lowering abilities you can spare you the arquebus-fuzz most of times I guess. 

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Yeah, Vambraces are great but getting them is a feat and a half. Alphine dragon just don't screw around xD also pity that Lead Spitter is hidden behind benevolent choise. Priest of Scaen and Bleak Walker party leaders are crying.

Zealous focus is indeed not that awesome, but it is still +6 ACC (essentially free weapon focus) which is good for user of inherently inaccurate weapon. 

Prestitigitator's Missiles works with penetrating shot? What else works with it? Like arcane blast?

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Most spells which are ranged and targeted (meaning you have to pick an enemy and not the ground) work with penetrating shots afaik. Missiles, Mind Blades and so on. I don't have a comprehensive list so some might not - but if it's ranged and targeted there's a high chance that at least the initial impact will benefit. It's most interesting for multiprojectile/multihit/jumping spells.

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