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The stupidest plot devices thread


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The "Chosen One" or demigod trope is also irritating. Also having a PC that has a history you can't control. Particularly if that history makes them special in any way. From a narrative viewpoint the Courier from FO:NV is the best RPG video game protagonist. They have a back story that is completely opaque. They have travelled and can be expected to have the skills they start the game with, whatever you choose them to be. They can be young or old, good or evil, altruistic or selfish, it all fits. The Lone Wanderer you have a backstory, a relatively set age, and a motivation to enter the main story that are all pretty much chosen for you. Ditto with Nate/Nora in FO4. These are young adults who were well established in life. To roleplay them you are sort of limited by who they are. Yes, I know you can do anything you want but from a narrative perspective you can't. 

There is nothing special about the Courier. They were not a vault dweller, nor a hero necessarily. They were a regular Waste lander doing a job and got caught up in a larger game. Then did what they did. 

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"While it is true you learn with age, the down side is what you often learn is what a damn fool you were before"

Thomas Sowell

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The Courier was the best thing about FO:NV. They are that stranger in the wrong place at the wrong time, which kinda makes them fit any one protagonist of any wild west story when a stranger shows up. And waking up in your grave is "cool" and better than the usual Elder Scrolls "You were a prisoner of the Imperium" (and who may even have been about to chop your head off), which also gives you a lot of freedom, but kinda, thematically predisposes you against one faction.

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