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The Crow

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What do you all think of the Crow? Its not really hostile, doesn't attack, is by far the largest living thing in the map for now..


I believe it should have a purpose besides its feathers. We should be able to fight it and make like black shadow armor, that would look sick.

It has no reason to even be in the game atm, so they should add something for it. Also add a nest where you can raid for eggs which give food, and if you take care of the egg and hatch it, you can tame and ride the crow. That would be epic. 



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You are the size of an ant, there's no reason for arrows made of thistle or a hammer made of mints to even catch a crows attention. I seriously find it boggling how many people's first reaction is "I want to fight it."

That being said, the crow is cool and I would like to see more feather based armor.

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I think the bird could be used to fast travel by grabbing on to its leg while it takes you across the map, but it would be oblivious that you are there, not like a taming thing. Maybe even to a part of the map that is accessible otherwise. (Story related?) As far as armor goes, I wouldn't mind more berry leather and crow feather stuff to match the Marksman's cap. Maybe it would have a Night's Watch look from Game of Thrones, but instead of fur around the shoulders it's feathers. 

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