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Did you know you can upgrade Finality's Claim?

I didn't.

For the first time ever, I noticed a "combine shards" button at the bottom of the tooltip. It gathers void shards that you pick up in BoW (always wondered what those did). All three, and I got a Time Dilation III aura attached to the ring, which slows action speed of all nearby by -7%. Not great, but not bad for a surprise upgrade.


Just leaving this note here in case you, like me, foolishly missed an obvious button. It's not documented by the wiki, so I figured it couldn't be that well known. 

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12 minutes ago, Elric Galad said:

All foes ? All except bearer ?

upon testing - it doesn't appear to affect allies.

bad news: i'm not sure if it affects enemies, either. there's no combat tooltip indication for this aura and -7% when time dilation is maxed out is very hard to measure on a casual level.

maybe someone more skilled at looking at this stuff can verify if it's scripted correctly? *hint hint*

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never mind again - it DOES affect allies. i think i needed a save/load cycle for the game to properly initiate the aura in combat.

edit: the description says the aura only activates when engaged, and my original test subject (bekarna) had no engagement, so it didn't trigger the aura.

it's unfortunate it affects allies, but the aura range is so small (1.5m) in practice it's pretty easy to keep allies out and have it only affect engaging enemies.



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I found this out by accident using the ItemDebug console command while testing builds, as it gave me each version of the ring. FYI, that command gives you every item in the game all at once, so very handy for testing (some wierdness will happen with quest items, so beware). 

I was trying to create a build that used all of the BoW items. I think there's one for every slot, including trinket. 

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The “affects allies” part is a real deal-breaker too.

"Time is not your enemy. Forever is."

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you know, if any thing, the effect is subtle and uncontrollable enough that upgrading it is kind of a trap.

i actually liked to use finality's claim on occasion, especially against hauane o whe (it has a chance to reflect hauane's acid attacks). but adding a double-edged sword kind of makes it a bit less "safe" to use. oh well

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I expect something more useful and "cool" after putting together an item puzzle. It doesn't have to be super powerful in all cases, just interesting and potentially nice for some builds. -weaksauce action speed to all around is meh in all cases, even solo. I once did a test where I stacked all action-speed debuffs from spells, weapons etc. on one char and used it in several testing sessions against several enemies. It's not worth it. It's so much easier and more impactful to just hard-CC the enemies. 

If the Ring would lower everybody's defenses by 5 in an AoE that would've double-edged as well - but I could work with that. 

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