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Roaches would be a cool tanky tier four bug. They would only spawn in very certain places (so early players could avoid these beasts); most likely in a moist area (maybe even in a new biome, like in a swamp or trash area .) They would be pretty much impossible to kill on their own, so you would need to use poison to attack them. You would most likely find this roach poison in the shed (in powder form), and would probably need a shovel and gas mask to harvest it. You could then combine with any of the three human foods to make roach poison. You would then go to the area where the roaches live, and put down the food (by dropping it.) If a roach eats the food, then they would become weakened and wouldn't put up much of a fight. Then you would attack the roach. If you don't manage to kill while it's still sick, though, then it would return to normal and try to attack you. If this did happen, then you would have to hide away from the roach until the aggro meter went down, and try to poison it again. Eventually, you would be able to kill it, and would get a few useful parts from it; like roach parts, and roach antennae (which could be good for weapon and tool handles.) The parts could also be used for a super strong tier four armor. This roach armor would provide a defenseful sort of armor bonus. The full set bonus would be "un-killable." Un-killable- when you at a critically low health, the armor will sometimes protect you from a fatal blow. 

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On 10/12/2020 at 2:23 PM, RazielDERF said:

I do not second the idea of adding roaches to the game. I would probably throw up if I see them. I'll take spiders any day over roaches. 

German ****roaches yeah, they still creep me out, but the other types we use as feeders for exotic pets are kinda cool.  Maybe they could put a Dubia roach in the game, it would just be a garbage disposal, eating up whatever planks and such are laying around the yard.

Problem with roaches in the game is they'd be impossible to kill.  Shoot em with a poison arrow would just get them high,  acid attack would shine their shell, gas arrow would be perfume/cologne.

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