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Performance Shot after 0.3.0

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Unfortunately after updating to the latest 0.3.0 my game is nearly unplayable. The performance started off just fine but after about 2 minutes the game suddenly fluctuated performance. Frame rates would drop as low as 12fps. Prior to update game was locked in at 60fps with no slowdowns. Now I can't even look at the menu without seeing a major delay. This is concerning because I can't play the game this way at all. This stinks 😞

Perhaps it's over-spawned Aphids? I noticed many more Aphids all over the place now. Nah, tried a new game and same issue. 

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I haven't seen any performance issues on the Xbox, game play is just like before, other than i can't build anything on my bases but utilities and such, and i have to fight bugs in really crazy locations.  


Xbox One X

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