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  1. I don't have a fix for you, but I'm having the same problem here.
  2. Yeah it's jarring. Has to be a placeholder sound effect surely?
  3. Another case here. Tried multiple saves, all CTD after showing the loading wheel for a few seconds. (PC - Gamepass)
  4. Ahhh, I know the Dummy issue itself is long known and in the thread. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. What I've noticed is that the armour that disappears is the same set as the one you are wearing when you log in. I hadn't seen specific circumstances noted anywhere. Only that the bug is happening
  5. Not sure if this has been noted anywhere yet but i noticed something regarding the issue with Armour Dummies not showing the equipped armour I have several Dummies. One for each type or Armour. When loading my game, the Dummy that is wearing the same armour that my character is wearing will now not be showing it's own. (Both methods of workaround still work to retrieve it). I tested this with Spider, Ant and Ladybug armour and it was consistent and repeatable. I haven't tested this with weapons and the weapon racks yet, although i assume the behaviour will be the same?
  6. Playing on PC (game pass) Me, Host. Playing on PC (game pass) Daughter Playing on PC (game pass) Son All drivers are up to date. I am hosting and my two children join my game. here are some issues we've had since 0.2.0: When respawning (on a feather bed, on a second floor) my son began to fall through the world. I can see all furniture and built items correctly but some are missing for my kids. Different items are missing on each of their games. These items all appear stacksed inside each other in a different place in our camp. *See images - One
  7. I wish my Ex was as easy to love as the dev team
  8. I don't have a solution but wanted to add another voice here. My Son is having this issue also. We're both using the same (up to date drivers) and he is joining the game i am hosting. I am not having crashes but he is having full CTD's 4 times and like you say, they're all 1-3 minutes after loading into game. Not during any specific action other than just moving around. We decided to just wait until the patch tomorrow to continue playing sadly.
  9. Catapult idea sounds pretty cool. You missed some easy internet points though by not suggesting a trebuchet.
  10. I'd like to see taming in partial form personally, but only have it applicable to pet type creatures. Having a pet Aphid/Weevil chilling at home, in some sort of dog house would be really cool. It could be attached to whatever structure needs to be built to house it and unable to roam too far away from it so that it stays within your base. I don't like the idea of combat tames as, like you said, it's easy to lose scale of threat and exploration if you have a mountable spider or something.
  11. As the title says really. Sometimes when you try to repair or trash an item, the notification window that appears does so behind the inventory. Might need to look at it's Strata to ensure it is always the top most layer.
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