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Will this game on PS5 still have dreadful loading times?

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As on PC this game is flawless, on PS4 you take more time looking on the loading screen than actually playing this damn game. I know it is an Obsidian thing, since there is no issue with Divinity Original Sin 2. So I guess it will make no difference at all..

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You can't compare PoE/Deadfire with D:OS I/II when it comes to loading times. The first are 2D/3D hybrids that have huge high-res, pre-rendered handdrawn images as maps that get filled with 3D objects while the latter are a pure 3D games.

Naturally loading those high-res pictures from disk takes a lot longer than rendering some 3D-objects which the maps are composed of (which doesn't include a lot of I/O).

That's the reason why SSDs improve PoEs' loading times drastically. 

If PS5 has a SSD then it should load PoE games a lot faster. Still not as fast as lightning but it's a noticable improvement. This is already true if you buy a SSD for the PS4.


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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PS4, on top of defaulting to an HDD, is also a 2013 system, and I don't recall it being a a cutting-edge processor for 2013. Relevant because IME on playing Deadfire on many different machines, the graphics can be tuned to be ok for many different systems, but it is consistently cpu constrained (unlike DOS2). PS4 is an old platform. PS5 is a 2020 machine and defaults to an SSD. I would imagine that the difference between Deadfire on a PS4 vs a PS5 might be night and day.

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2 hours ago, thelee said:

i don't know much about consoles - does PS5 not support running PS4 games as-is?

The game should be playable in a compatibility mode on ps5.

But some features might not work properly.

No compatibility by developers needed

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I feel like without some developer support, the chances of PS4 compatibility mode for titles is an iffy thing, and I know Obsidian has distanced themselves from their own console ports and didn't work on those anyway (or really support them much, especially with VS EVIL as the publisher).

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