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How to make chanter summon faster

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I am new to the game and chose the chanter class because of its ability to summon creature. However, with lowest level summon requiring 3 phrases and the lowest level chants take 3 seconds to finish, I only get to summon a creature when the fight is basically over. I don't really feel like I'm playing a summoner character. I know that there is a brisk recitation passive that speed up chants up to 50%, but it's so high level that I think I would almost finish all content in the game. What other things can I do to make my chanter summon faster?

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Nothing basically - besides playing solo and/or on PotD difficulty where fights last a lot longer so that your Chanter will have the chance to perform 3 phrases more often. Or you have a party that drags fights more (like a higher focus on defense and less offense). Kiting or pulling is also a good way to make your chanter's summoning more effective. For example you can scout ahead with your tank and then pull the enemies back to your other party members - where the chanter started chanting as soon as the tank triggered the fight far away (note: if your Chanter is stealthed he won't chant, so make sure to unstealth him). That way he will be able to send out summons as soon as the enemies reach the group (or even before).  

Brisk Recitation starts to take effect from lvl 4 on and gets stronger with level-ups. 

There's a reason why the impression that chanters make to players is so devided: most players who play PotD and/or solo find them very good while players who play lower difficulties with a party think they are way too slow. At least when it comes to summoning.

You can substitute your chanter summons with figurines and drop a summon right at the start of the encounter - then follow up with your own ones later.

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