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Thank you very much for the great DLC “Peril on Gorgon”. After a few teething problems with the Epic Store, I have a lot of fun with “The Outer Worlds” again.

I noticed that when I go to the Unreliable at the Sprat Shack, my armor disappears.

I tidied up my inventory and sorted the things in refrigerators, lockers and the container in the captain's cabin, went to the workbench and the title crashed without an error message (crash to desktop). After restarting “The Outer Worlds”, 2 manual save points were always created and the armor was gone.

When I quit the game, the Epic store gives me the following error message:

"Files too big
The saved data is too large to upload.
Error code: CS-03

Search our knowledge base to find out more ”.


If I restart the title and click on "continue", an old save is loaded onto Gorgon before I cleared up my inventory (manual and quick save points that I have created since then are still available, but twice) - the armor is still at the suggested save point there.

Is that a mistake or have I already broken the universe?


Thank you for your support and the wonderful, fun games from your house

[translated with the google translator]

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