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Combat against any of the larger creatures in this game is absurdly difficult. I enjoy a good fight, a hard one. I play Doom on Nightmare in my sleep and have beat Sekiro on more than one occasion. But the larger creatures here feel impossible. Poison arrows, smoothies, spike strips, armor, club II, parries...still it just feels like there isn't even a point to trying. Am I missing something? Is this how the game is supposed to feel?

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I'm not doing too well either at tackling the big ones single handed. The YouTube clips show patience, parries and planning get the job done. 

But I'm happy this is a challenge. While I'm still yet to take out any of the spiders, I'm glad it's a game that makes you feel literately small and not the top of the food chain. 

That said, go in with co-op or a group and you'll have a much easier time taking them down.  

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It takes some practice and for the big ones it's about timing.  Just wait for their signature attack. They each do something to load up just before their attack.   I am okay at fighting and I always do it 3rd Person.

It's not about fast attacks in this game because your endurance drains quickly. Just keep practicing and don't worry about those who call it too easy, there will always be those who have to pat themselves on the back.    

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