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Question about Monks and the Greenstone Staff

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It always seemed to me that the chance to petrify an enemy was quite a powerful feat. Now it’s been some time, but I’m looking to get back into the game. I plan on playing a monk, and I noticed no builds toying around with the greenstone staff as the main weapon for a monk. Am I overestimating its power or overseeing something else?

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Since it's a soulbound weapon it has the following shortcomings compared to unique weapons:

- you can't enchant it with a lash (you lack that multiplicative dmg bonus)

- you can't upgrade it to lengedary quality - it maxes out at superb

- you can't refine it with Durgan Steel (which would make it faster which also is a multiplicative dmg bonus - also you would get  ahigher crit chance and more crit dmg)

Then it's a two handed weapon. There's nothing wrong with this per se but Monks really profit from dual wielding - if they use Torment's Reach for example.

And finally 5% per attack roll is nothing to write home about. If you hit 10 times the chance to petrify the enemy with at least one of those attacks is still only ~40%. And the petrification doesn't even last that long.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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