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Overlap of Wizard subclasses with other casting in a Multiclasses

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I'm more interested in understanding a global overlap principle but to help explain it I'll use a specific case.

Priest of Wael gets some nice default Illusion spells.

1) so Priest of Wael, Conjurer (wizard)

Can you get access to some nice Illusion buffs (from Priest Wael)?  Or does the drawback to Conjurer affect your illusions (including from Wael) and make them uncastable?

2) so Priest of Wael, Illusionist (wizard)

Can the bonus to Illusion Power Level from Illusionist (wizard) affect the Illusion spells granted by Wael automatically?

Ok now a non-Wael example

3) Ok now a Conjurer (wizard), and Druid

Does the Druid spell book lose the opportunity for Evocation spells from Druid list because Conjurer has lost evocations?

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1) Wizard_SE_DisableIllusions specifies ClassValueID: Wizard, so it does not restrict Illusion-Keyworded abilities of other classes! 😀

2) Sadly, so does Illusionist_SE_PowerLevel, which means Priest of Wael does not benefit from picking the Illusionist subclass.😟

3) Druids spells with Evocation keywords, you mean like Tekehu's watershaper spells? Should be the same case as above. Or am I misunderstanding the question?

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Hi thanks.  I think I understood 1) for Wizard disable illusions.  And I understood how that affects the situation in 2)


With druid I now realize I asked a confused question.  I had wrongly presumed that their direct damage spells like fire spells would be called "Evocation"..  I probably thought that from games based on Dungeons and Dragons systems like Icewind Dale 2 (just an example) where in that system Druids have similar categories as Wizards.  Wizard fireball is evocation and Druid Flamestrike is Evocation.  Druid Call Lighting is Transmutation and Wizard spells like Disintegrate is Transmutation.

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