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I can Not load my save files!

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Hello, i play on Xbox in Singleplayer/Multiplayer and i can Not play the game! Im on day 66 and the game works fine but 5Days ago from today i want to play further want to load my latest save file but there loading and kick me every time out to Xbox Main Menu i try the other save files but the same. From this point i try every Trick that im reading HERE!!! Nothing Works!! I have played to many to give up the savefile i dont want to start new:-(

So i want to Tell All HERE from my Problem and i hope for an Update 

P. S im addicted to grounded 😉

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Welcome to the preview game!   I am having the issues saving...  Sometimes I have saved games... sometimes I do not.  Started this game several times... one day, I see a saved game from 9/8/2020... that one seems to have stuck and will show up but not all the time..   Went to play before bed, no saved games... I try the game this morning... my saved games is there.  This is AWESOME!!!  LMAO!!!

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Hey PhilKill2,

Did the autosaves suggestion work for you? If not can you get us a ticket at support@obsidian.net? We're glad you love the game! But do want you to get in and playing! Thanks for being patient w us during early access

I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Just a heads-up, I sent an email to support on the weekend and I received a reply today - stating they believe they've got a fix for it and it should in the patch coming Wednesday. They also said some users have reported that uninstalling then reinstalling the game fixes it, because it forces a sync request to the servers. I'll probably just wait for the patch though haha.

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