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  • Quartzite not re-spawning - I have mined all sites its been more then 5 in game days and none of the sites are re-spawning. (it is possible i don't know all the spots) 
  • Why does Axe 2 gather the same materials from weed II that you get from Dandelions *Stem* it should be a newer stronger resource. If not why even craft the second Axe costs more resources to repair.
  • Blueberry chunks - why cant you consume the chunks. It should feed and you satiate some thirst.
  • When walking on the side of the pond near the fence there are bugs that are inside the rocks mainly Aphids it sounds like.
  • Should be able to create an underwater breathing apparatus with Spider Web/s & Clover leafs (or some bug parts maybe)
  • A grappling hook made from Bug parts and Webs would be nice also.


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Hi Zero_Daye!, I've seen a couple of threads informing the respawning rates of quartzite, so I'm sure the developers are aware of this by now.

The Axe 2 actually cuts down weed "trees", that the Axe 1 cannot do, and dependind on the trunk, it can give you up to 12 (in my experiece), weed stems. That's the focus of the Tiers for now, being able to farrm resources that you couldn't before.

Agree with the Blueberry chunks, I tried to do so myself the first time I got them.

About underwater apparatus, I'll only say that there are some outfit parts foun in the code addressing that approach, I'm sure we will be able to do so on the future, kudos to te devs for that.

Hope you are loving the game as we do!

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