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Right .

Well that's the worst case at 10 wounds with 35 MIG. Even if you start with 21 MIG you wouldn't get there if you don't stack some MIG items or get "strong". And why would you do that? :)

Also you have total control over the self damage since it's a one-time thing and not a DoT like Berserker Frenzy.

I think it's pretty manageable with Draining Touch or some regeneration gear and Corrosive Siphon.


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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+50% addtive base damage. Basically like if you get hit with Deathblows. 

So if a sword hits you with an auto-attack (no PL scaling) it's 8 extra damage.

If it's a Fireball at PL 3 (no PL scaling yet, normal penetration) it's 21 extra damage.

And so on.

Power Level scaling adds to base damage, so with higher PL of spells and attack abilities that hit you it's getting worse.
A Fireball at PL 10 would do 29 more damage to you if you had 10 wounds.

All that isn't so bad if you can make attacks graze and/or underpenetrate though since dmg maluses weigh in a lot more heavily that damage bonuses. So if you go high AR and/or high defenses and combine it with some other damage reductions (Death's Maw for example) it's not as bad as it sounds. That's why I think that Iron Circle is quite good on a Helwalker. You will have the higher AR and CON excactly when you need them most (when incomning damage is highest). 

But sure, it makes you more squishy no doubt. You can prevent that if you don't sit on your wounds of course. But then you will profit less from stuff like Turning Wheel and have less MIG.

"Screw the self damage" doesn't really work because the 50% damage bonus and the MIG buff both apply to it. So instead it screws you. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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On 4/18/2020 at 10:01 PM, Waski said:

It generates and it is super easy to manage how much wounds you have any given momen with thunderous blows (instacast, no recovery) and blood sacrifice( sub 1sec cast, no recovery)

@Waski I tracked down your attribute point spread on another thread. My question is, how much more could this be min/maxed you think with a full party (PoTD + upscaled)? 

Your old post:

"@up I don't remember what gear I had then( I switch a lot), but 

Str: 10+2BB+2bonus from bog+15monk+1gift+1Rabunya boon

Con:10+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1belt(and +5 with infuse) 

Dex:15+2BB+2bonus from bog+5monk+1ring+1shoes+1 Rabunya boon

Per:18+2BB+3Bonus from bog+1sagani+5eldrich aim(+1maybe background or kuaru prize) 

Int:15+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1ring+10 monk+2 necklace + 1maybe kuaru prize

Res: 8+2BB +2bonus from the bog +2shoes+2Rabunya +2 Nature resolve"


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You could drop Resolve, I didn't because I wanted a little bit more will-solo I was the only target for arcane dampener so that 4 points to spend somewhere.

If you want to cast for dmg maybe put more in might, but sacrifice could be scary, if gish is what you want throw it into dex. Overall it won't make a huuuuge difference.



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