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Why is Woedica back? (spoiler)

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In PoE1 she was not there and Thaos wanted to use the souls to bring her back.

I did NOT use the souls for her, I strenghened the souls of the dyrwood for Galawain.

In PoE2 she is among the other gods and the other gods seem to accept her as one of them, like she was never gone.

Also she explains all kinds of things to me via the book and she is not angry that I killed her best agent even though she is the god of vengeance among other things. By DnD standarts I would consider her lawful evil. Even if she does not kill me because I am the herald of Berath, I expected her to hate me unless I gave the souls to her at the end of PoE1. She is even very nice to me considering how her followers deal with heretics and that I do not agree with her about anything.


I think Eders comment at the end of PoE2 is correct: The gods are not greater beings, they are a bunch of kids who mess up things while the parents are gone.

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She wasn't really absent. Not like Eothas or the original Abydon. Thaos wanted to use the souls to bring her back to her former glory. She was weakened but she was there all along. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Does she act significantly different if I give the souls to her in PoE1?

If I ever play the game again I will probably use my steel garrote/trickster tank and role playing wise it would make sense if a paladin of her has supported her in the past.


This is a really big IF. I have a full time job, I like doing sports, there are so many games in my library I have never installed, soon Trails of cold Steel 3 will be released, I am interested in BG3 and I have just backed the new Pathfinder game.

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