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So it seems like POE 2 has been dumped onto consoles with little effort.

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I'm playing the first one now on PS4, and I'm almost done. The load times are horrendous, but otherwise it works fine. It's crashed only once on me and I'm having a generally great time with it.

I've been waiting to get the second, but from what I understand, a third party ported it and it is essentially unplayable.

Is this correct? Constant bugs, constant crashing and no import saves.

Obsidian got bought out by MS, and abandoned consoles completely.

Is it worth even bothering to pick up or should POE just be considered a stand alone game with no sequels?

Don't tell me to play it on PC. I don't play on PC and I don't buy digital.

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The loading times are long but it feels like its less then on PoE1. 

But I havent been to Naketaka yet. 

My game crashed once and I haven't noticed any bugs yet. 

I think Versus Evil will throw out a patch sooner or later to fix some stuff

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Please remember that not everyone has the capability or desire to play on a Personal Computer.  Responding to a thread where the original poster has specifically indicated that PC is not an option for them by telling the OP to play it on a PC is at best inconsiderate and at worst trolling.

I've cleaned this thread up so that it can be refocused on discussion of the console version of the game. We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ.   If there is an issue with a post or a derailing of a thread, like trolling can do, please report the post(s).


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