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Character backstory of my Main Character Zaimos Curi

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Zaimos Curi

Race: Island Amauna


Class: Rogue


Culture: the Living Lands


Background: Scientist


Zaimos Curi started out a small time thief who was not the most cruel and uncaring thief but did what was necessary to make a living.  He was relatively intelligent and good with picking locks and looking into the mechanism of booby traps and disarming them.  He was also clever and brought a rationale approach to matters.


He became a friend and lover of another Amauna named Saebat Holai but she was not a thief and was instead a scientist studying the relationship between plants and animals and the soul magic of animancy.  She wasn’t to any degree awakened or sensitive to soul magic but rather she was collaborating by writing correspondence and reading/research to other scientists or animancers and studying to find any animancy relationship to conventional categorizing and physiological biology of animal, plant, and mushroom organisms including mystical beasts.


Zaimos found he had a knack for science in particular building apparatus using his mechanics skill and he also pitched in to contemplate matters of reading research findings and case studies.  And finally research demands money and materials including rare reagents and as a thief he could contribute there as well.


Eventually his love died of a sickness and rather than try to continue her project in the Living Lands he elected to travel to Dyrwood Caravan and restart his life there.  He is wounded from his loss of his love and still is neither cruel or uncaring but also not the most benevolent and honest and is more self centered on becoming powerful and wealthy and falls in with the Doemenels but again he is really not cruel and not at all sadistic.





Stats so far (assuming I remember correctly and don’t make error):


Rogue Level 10


Might 17, Constitution 10, Dexterity 12, Perception 16, Intellect 13, Resolve 10

Skills: Stealth 1, Athletics 1, Lore 2, Survival 1, Mechanics (everything else)


Back row Gun switching fighter and after 2 guns are shot off then can switch to one handed (two melee slots options so can hit through immunities) of vulnerable targets but try to avoid being targeted himself.  A glass cannon type.  4 total weapon slots.


1: Blinding Strike

2: One Handed Style

3: Dirty Fighting

4: Vicious Fighting

5: Escape

6: Quick Switch

7: Crippling Strike

8: Arms Bearer

9: Withering Strike

10: Weapon Focus Ruffian


Plan for future?:


11: Deathblows (a full party helps enemies have multiple status afflictions)?

12: Shadowing Beyond?

13: Smoke Cloud?

14: Backstab?

15: Feign Death?

16: Enigma’s Charm?  Marksman or Gallants?  Defensive talent?

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