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Not sure what you would class as 'op'. I think even very strong builds need good game knowledge to work, especially on PotD and/or solo. 

They will also feel different at different points of the game, some are strong early and other need time to scale or need items.

The Cautorizer is a great damage dealer and its key items aren't super late.  Probably biggest damage per hit you'll see plus carnage making it AOE. If enemy groups have some trash (or other tricks the guide explains) resets from Blood Thirst probably make it highest DPS in the game whilst being tanky.

Dragon Thrashed chanter gets better the later the game gets and is simple to play.

Shapeshifter druids do amazing damage but need some preparation time each fight. Cant just charge into every fight as they are no where near as tanky as cautorizer but the spells to buff and debuff help and the storm spells stunning enemies just tops it off.

Monks are really strong in general, tanky and can do good damage even with min dex through retaliation (flame potion etc), torments reach and lashes.

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last year i made a fire tanky (magicien classe) with good dps but not enough in solo . by op i mean rly powerfull build  overpowered in poe1. im still trying to theorycrafting some build's but dunno if it work.

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A lot of whats in the guides list are really powerful.  Some are themed but still really strong and can be tweaked to be stronger without the theme or depending what you have in your group so need them to do.

Typically some weapon/ability will be the super strong thing so its about getting the most out of it.  For example Firebrand is (i think) the highest damage melee weapon in the game and The Cauterizer maximizes this.  Can still tweak the guides build for your play through, I didn't need Dragon Leap to relocate so used Echoing Shout.


The Drake Ambassador is themed and an example of using Dragon Thrashed which I think is OP against anything that isn't immune to slash/fire, even then its not weak depending what other options you bring such as raw damage from a level 1 chant!  You can take that builds attributes, some heavy armour and add what you like really.  I had quite a bit of CC already so I focused more on invocations that added damage White Worms, 7 Nights, Biting Winds with a few support ones thrown in rather than CC which I had enough of already.  I'd say this is stronger but only because I removed the theme.


For Druid the Thundercat is a good example of spirit shift and the storm spells.  I'd say the storm spells are OP, the ability to buff/debuff and attack at the same time just tops it off. 


Monk I think the most powerful is Monksterlash.  It's so tanky but also so much damage from retaliation and weapon damage. I'd say the Bittercut makes it OP, even if you don't make use of Bittercut it would still be really strong due to how lashes stack including raw damage from Blood Testament work on retaliation and Torments Reach giving an extra full attack.


No guide for it but I think Cipher is one of the most OP classes, so much weapon damage but with access to raw damage, utility and some really strong CC.

Mental Binding and Silent Scream are 2 really strong AOE powers. Amplified Wave I think is OP, I find the game becomes vastly easier once I get this unless something is immune.  Fast cast time, good range, big AOE that knocks prone and does damage for 60 focus. By this time your accuracy should be great so hit first shot and cast this before they can hit your party.  Then build more focus hitting prone target before they get back up!  I typically play Cipher as ranged (bow or firearm) and you just take accuracy + damage talents and throw high attribute items on (might, dex, int and perc).  Just got to body block for them and watch out for wizards/firearms/archers firing at them.

Got a Rogue? Level 1 Blind spell with long AOE for 10 Focus? LOL.  Want some extra help? Level 1 Charm spell for 10 Focus!  Then a range of debuff's to enemies like making flanked easier (2 debuffs for Rogues Deathblows) or buffs to help support a team mate... or just do more damage.  Don't even have to attack yourself once cast Reaping Knives on a teammate.


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Nothing's really overpowered in PoE over the course of a playthrough. The game's balanced too well and all the really gamebreaking stuff was patched. But there are some builds that are better for certain roles than others.

It also depends if solo or party play.

For party play Priest is the most powerful class there is - and I think most "experts" here would agree with this. Not only because of their awesome support abilities (prayers alone) but also because they can become superb nukers after some levels and are good healers. They only lack CC - but that's easy to come by in a party.
It's even so that more than one Priest isn't redundant like one might think. Because Inspiring Radiance stacks with itself you can go with 6 Priests, cast 6 Inspiring Radiances (and 1 Devotions) and then nuke everything with +60 (+80) accuracy. 

In solo runs survivability trumps damage dealing. There are only few exceptions (like Heart of Fury which theoretically is capable to one-shot even the toughest bounties) but even then it's not reliable. While you can annihilate trash mobs just fine with a very good damage dealer you can't do the same against dragons or enemies with nasty CC (Adragans, Lagufaeth etc). You will just die before you can win. I mean if you don't want to rely on cheese, massive use of consumables or kiting. That's why Paladins are pretty good solo characters because their passive defense boosts mean you can prolong a fight for a very long time without really getting hurt while they whittle down enemy after enemy. Boring, but very effective. Works against everything.

But whatever build you choose you can never steamroll a solo playthrough on PotD difficulty. 



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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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