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Labeling for difficulty settings is not accurate.

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Supernova is very obviously the baseline design for this game. Therefore, the actual normal difficulty setting. The current "normal mode" is a beginner mode, therefore, the actual easy setting. There is no real hard mode in this game for more advanced users. I've actually seen reviewers claiming this game is way too easy. Yet it's because they're playing on a beginner setting labeled as "normal mode".

If a game was only allowed to release with one single mode, the design of that single mode is what the normal baseline difficulty for the game should be. There should be a legitimate danger level for this single difficulty setting. You should not be able to get away with playing carelessly. It's how a normal mode should play. Games like Dark Souls deliver this quite effectively. Yet, as it stands, this baseline difficulty is available in the game, but labeled as hard mode which is what Supernova uses. There is a legitimate danger. You are mostly required to have a decent understanding of the game design, and apply this understanding effectively to progress through the game. From stat point distribution to equipping the proper gear to careful and sensible combat. Companions aren't immortal. So you can't exploit them by throwing them into enemies as sacrificial meat shields while you snipe, just because of knowing they will be fine after combat. All of this is exactly how a normal baseline difficulty works, despite being labeled as "Supernova". Everything in Supernova takes advantage of the full design of the game according to a legitimate normal difficulty baseline. As long as you play sensibly according to the design systems of the game, it really isn't difficult for any user in general to progress through the game. It should not be labeled as a hardcore difficulty. Because you get actual hardcore users complaining that this is not difficult. Supernova doesn't offer hardcore play. But it 100% does fit a normal difficulty setting in every way.

As for the current difficulty labeled as "normal", it is a beginner/easy mode. It even says in the description that it is recommended for learning the game. This is in no way shape or form what "normal difficulty" means. (Normal difficulty, as described above, isn't for learning. It's supposed to be the difficulty that plays to the according to the full design of the game. As it would be if it was the only difficulty available. Therefore, you play according to a solid understanding of the game mechanics, and being required to apply that understanding to your play.) A beginner difficulty is what you might want to choose when learning how the game works, and shouldn't be labeled as "normal". The enemies are weaker, and do less damage. You can get away with playing much more carelessly. Such as not utilizing cover as much or needing to take advantage of game mechanics and positioning. There's no hunger or thirst which makes most of the consumables pointless. It even gives you immortal companions. Great and wonderful for learning as a beginner/easy mode. Not for a normal mode.

Personally, I clicked on normal mode without reading anything when I first started playing this game. I found out very early on while browsing the internet that Supernova had more to it. After reading through the description, I realized that normal mode was missing a huge portion of the design. So I restarted the game on Supernova. At first, it seemed a bit difficult. But after awhile, I realized it was perfectly fine. Supernova isn't really a hardcore difficulty. But as difficult as a game should be at baseline. It is very much the obvious normal baseline design for this game. Therefore, should be labeled accordingly. The only thing maybe is that companions use the lower hp and damage from the current "normal" mode. Rather than the proper setting for NPCs in Supernova. But even then, have been highly effective throughout the entire game. I chose a playstyle that utilizes them, so I've always had two with me everywhere I go. And they've been very useful and effective for combat, and everything else. Especially with them not being immortal, it's actually a real normal game. Not too easy, and not not overly difficult.

There's no reason to label Supernova as "Supernova" when it is a perfect fit as the normal baseline design of the game. It should be labeled as - normal. With the current normal mode being more accurately a beginner/easy mode. Especially when some game reviewers are playing "normal" mode, and calling the game too easy. The current labeling of the difficulty settings gives users the wrong impression, which ultimately hurts how the game is received.

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Having supernova labelled as normal would hurt the game. Whats easy to one person isn't easy for everyone.


Most people,  myself included ignore easy mode in games and go straight to normal or hard. If supernova was labelled as normal it would put a lot of people off because they would rage quit when they find the game too hard.

Also consumables are not pointless. I used them a lot on my first playthough which was in hard mode.

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Or simply as a fairly simple, mainstream RPG this game was never supposed to be hard. Still I would find companion perma death annoying and save limitation annoying and food system pointless. None of those seem to be designed with the game in mind, as FPS doesn't lend itself well to team management, your options of controlling companions are rather basic. There is no mechanic which would spice things up without an ability to save at a whim, and I carried so much food and drink, and found beds everywhere, I doubt survival system would have any meaning.

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Hi, crimsonskill.

I'm sorry for the late reply, but thank you for your feedback. It's always appreciated when we hear from our players with both positive and negative critiques. If you feel you have a legitimate bug or gameplay issue, please direct your feedback to http://privatedivision.com/support and they will provide further technical support. Again, thank you for reaching out to us.


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Reading through that all I could think was how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!?  You could of gone with a simple sentence like Super Nova is what the baseline difficulty should be.

I am doing a play through with a level 1 character on hard difficulty ( I just found SN tedious while not adding much to the challenge) this is after several play throughs.  I am finding I need to be a bit more aware of position, use the consumables and be more willing to retreat but so far nothing has been really difficult.  So you do have a point!  I would really like an option to choose the survival elements instead of it being a part of one difficulty level.

Hey OEL_Wolf maybe pin your go to this different forum message in a separate thread, it would greatly lower your work load of going into every thread and saying the same thing.

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