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Thinking about stepping into Supernova difficulty

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So I have played the game through twice. Once messing about with everything eventually choosing Phineas and once with the Board.
I had an assault rifle build the first play through (but it wasn't focused) then. (sided with Phineas)
The second play through I wanted to try out 1H Melee combat. Which took a lot longer to be good but once I leveled up my skills I was running around combat in time dilation taking out enemies. (sided with the Board)

If I want to try out Supernova I get the feeling I really have to decide exactly what I want to be doing and build towards it from the start of my play through. I also want it to be somewhat good from the start so that I don't have to keep reloading when I lose companions (do I even want companions?)
Anyone got a fun build, that's not too hard to play?

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ive tinckered around with multiple builds in the emerald vale on supernova only 

hopefully, it gets much, much harder since i purposefully put all combat attributes on average and below, as well as, focusing on Int, Charm and Temp for a charismatic leader focusing on dialogue and tech with some stealth; “good” character in general

my melee and ranged weapon numbers were abysmal and at level-ups i have yet to increase them

and, i am still dominating 

i have companions set to aggressive and once i began upgrading parvatis weapons and armor and reached level 40 for increased companion armor and criticals, as well as, increased inhaler %, its gotten even easier

very little baby sitting and/or reloading

personally, i think im gonna go 2-h melee and long guns as my combat choices

*as a side, i restarted once i got to the groundbreaker and played a bit and have now also implemented some severe self-imposed restrictions (no hud, encumbrance, looting, etc) to increase the survival aspect of the game (i was going to wait until my second run)

its been a blast!



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Supernova is the baseline design for this game. It's not difficult. Normal mode is easy/beginner. It even says it's good for learning the game. Food and water is readily available, so not actually a big deal. Yes you should be choosing from the very beginning because that's where you're setting up your man attribute stats that cannot be respeced. This especially goes for deciding to play solo or with companions. If you're going companions, it's a good idea to make sure your Inspiration and Determination are even. And make sure to keep them up.

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The main issue on supernova is companions dying permanently.  As said you need to buff Inspiration and Determination.  Eventually you get perks to bring them back to life, so obviously always take those.  I'd also go with a standard time dilation ranged weapon build.  Time dilation is necessary because it gives you time to check on your companion health meters.  A lot of times you can save a companion by using the inhaler and giving them the command to retreat to a distant point (all in time dilation).  They'll come running back eventually but they'll be healed up.  Heavy weapons that do AOE are critical against supernova mobs, so don't skimp on that skill.

Of course before a tough fight do all the drugs.

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