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  1. I've used some to hack and pick doors. It makes my mind numb when I look at all the food, drinks, cigarettes and other stimulants. Armor cream is another one I use. I got in a fight and accidentally used something that dropped my stats and made me walk slow, I was stuck in a cave fighting mantisaurs for a LONG time. It was fun. What I want is an automated injector, someone with enough intelligence could make. I wear the surgeon mask like that. Or a mod would be cool maybe it enhances the visual effects as well.
  2. I named my first character tartaryan. Then mandalore. My current is named buzz as in buzz from home alone.
  3. Might as well give the ai a companion quest as well. Something like the hk quest from kotor2. Let's stop her from taking over the world, or help. But anyways, I think I'd like to make my SAM unit faster maybe a charge attack. Exploring other words for parts, either stolen bought or gifted, flamer, nrays and explsv. Let me hack SAM'S head and give an intelligent boost. Or enhance SAM to give more attacks in ttd. Or stealth field that completely hides the team while standing. The perks are cool but I'd rather tinker with my SAM unit on the ship. Maybe Parvati actually cleans it too. I haven't se
  4. One thing I didn't like was after all the money I spent for parvati she still wasn't interested in a relationship with the captain . It was the only reason why I did. I thought maybe something of a hint for later would have been cool.
  5. My only gripe is perks. There's perks I'd rather have early in the game. I'm about to start a nova build soon.
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