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I don't have much experience playing ciphers. I would like to roll a cipher for my next run. Any interesting synergies with items or abilities? I know Firebrand is pretty good for this class but maybe something else could be fun?


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Since you need damage to cast might and perception are important but then so is Dex so you can do damage and then cast quickly hence I prefer to play a Cipher as ranged.  Casting CC or even more damage as needed. I leave melee builds to someone experienced with them.

The three "easy" synergies for me are:

  1. The level 3 power "Ectopsychic Echo" with a class that can summon a unit behind enemy groups. Chanter kind of fits well since both classes need to buildup resources to then summon/cast.  Fighter/Monk/Barbarian's jump abilities come much later in the game and whilst you could try to run around groups with a character often theres too many enemies or doorways blocked etc.
  2. Cast DOT abilities before Cipher charms/dominates etc.  The DOT damage is still applied whilst they aren't an "enemy" but can't apply it after they are a "friendly" unless its a standard AOE spell that hits friendlies.  Chanter (again) and Priests do the DOT well, Druid also has DOT spells.
  3. Late game a two weapon melee class and your Reaping Knives make things silly easy.  Monk who's been using fists or Barbarian are the simple options.  Super later game though, slightly annoying since don't have much game to use "full build".

Weapon wise DOTs or things cast off the weapon don't add focus so I prefer to look for more accuracy/damage rather than other enchantments.  Good base damage for Biting Whip is recommended, early on you can fix The Disappointer then act 2 get Lead Spitter. Great early damage but need accuracy+perception to make sure you do some damage with them to then cast or you have to wait a long time for second shot.  I tend to shoot whatever gives best accuracy and try not to let rest of group kill the "weak" enemies so cipher can farm them for Focus. Holding your first shot whilst CC hits sometimes is better than a pot shot with a long reload, once your attributes are higher and talents stacked up later on there's a lot of strong bow options...


  • Lenas Er - DR bypass and defence reduction for your next shots/casts
  • Stormcaller - Better on a ranger but if not using one the cipher can make good use of it.  Mixed damage type which we can add more damage to with a talent.
  • The Rain of Godagh Field - Attack speed.


  • Good Fiend - Coordinating for more accuracy+damage so unless solo a great option.
  • Twin Sting - +3 focus on hit is nothing at this point of the game but two shots and DAoM is good.
  • Wendgar - Attack Speed and hits converted to crits is great for basic damage.
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I know basics but I wasn't sure about DOT weapons and focus generation but thanks anyway.

Is psychic baklash still working against dragons? 


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Yes, that wasn't changed.

A good synergy is beams (Antipathetic Field or Ectopsychic Echo) + Combusting Wounds (Wizard or Ring of Searing Flames).

There are some weapons which have a "hidden" second lash (Justice, Starcaller, Unforgiven) which generates additional focus. E.g. dual Starcaller/Unforgiven with Scion of Flame would do +30% burning lash and an additional 12% burning lash. Dual Unforgiven (via Helwax Mold) would be even better because of the attack speed.

Another good weapon for a cipher is Bittercut with Spirit of Decay (also dual via Mold).

Wounding lashes don't generate focus - so Tidefall and Drawn in Spring or Persistence will not generate focus with that DoT lash. Still great weapons - but maybe even better suited for other party members (best used with low INT).

In general melee dps is higher than ranged. So focus gain for a melee cipher is better. Of course it's more risky, too. A not too sh!tty setup is to use two hatchets and profit from the +10 deflection. It's really an underrated combo. Combine with decent RES, Psychovampiric Sheld/Borrowed Instincts and some other deflection gear and you are sturdy.

Or use a reach weapon like Llawran's Stick (speed - Durance's Staff as backup since it's crush/burn) or Tall Grass. Llawran's Stick is the best option for a reach weapon when it comes to dps<-->focus gain. You can also get it quite early. With Time Parasite and Durgan Steel Llawran's Stick can achieve 0 recovery without Gauntlets of Swift Action. You can still wear durganized Padded Armor - or even durganized Plate Armor if you also use Gauntlets of Swift Action. 


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