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10 hours ago, Quillon said:

Parvati has two different writers; Chris L'Etoile and Kate Dollarhyde. I don't know who wrote what part of her content but am assuming Chris wrote the Edgewater part then Kate took over.

With the info on Parvati's/her father's terminal and the conversation with her about it suggested that her quest was gonna be about her long lost mom, about reuniting them probably. Then we arrive at Groundbreaker; from this point on her mom is forgotten, never to be mentioned again and her asexual lesbian quest line starts.

Make of this what you will :devil:

Vicar Max - A priest looking for his faith and revenge.
Felix - An orphan bouncer/handyman  who got mixed up with the wrong people and wants a way out.
Ellie - Medic with issues with her rich parents.
Nyoka - A monster hunter with drinking problems who lost all his friends.
Parvati - An engineer who lost her parents ending up in a lesbian romance with her mentor.

All of these are legit life issues. Parvati's story is the only one what has to do anything with "romancing" and with the others kept in mind is not much.
Btw... There was only one occasion, when I yelled out "No, don`t you dare to do this ****!" out loud during my first play-trough. It was when I called the ADA "it", and Parvati asked if "Isn`t it she?"
All the Mass Effect Andromeda bull*** flashed in my mind and almost quit the game.... than  I heard ADA`s response with "I am programmed to use this voice. You can call me whatever you want." and it was continuously stated by "itself" that the ship AI is not self aware and it is not a person. Instead of the game "educating" me about gender fluidity, one NPC told the other to "cut the c***" :)

See... this is how far we went with years and years LGBT / Gender fluid / Representation topic in games. It made me jump on a shadow.
Btw... on can sense the sudden change in the writing of Parvati story. But having two "parents issue" companion would have been too much and all the other good topics are taken by other companions (revenge, faith, getting out of trouble, alcohol and grief). Only the hot potato left.... "romance"... If the writers do it with a straight relationship, there would be called bigots in every blog entry / article title all around the internet. 

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53 minutes ago, SzabiK said:

All of these are legit life issues. Parvati's story is the only one what has to do anything with "romancing" and with the others kept in mind is not much.

Parvati's quest is easily x3 time longer than for any other companion in the game, I'd even say that she got more content than SAM and Felix put together.

I could deal with it being present, but knowing that it ate away resources from other team members until nothing but bare bones were left is a huge NO for me. "Writer's pet" approach should not be practiced at the expense of other characters. Especially for a sake of "Representation".

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On 11/3/2019 at 1:05 AM, Socrates40299 said:

... this game felt like a massive over correction from not enough representation to over representation almost to the point of parody.

Three instances is an "overcorrection" in your mind? "Almost to the point of parody"? Good lord!

Also, you mention that you should have been informed of the existence of homosexuality in this game's universe, before you purchased the game; that they should've made that clear in the promotional material. By that logic, the same should go for heterosexuality - maybe I should be upset by the fact that the developers didn't make it clear before purchase that there would be heterosexual people in the game!

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