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Can you recieve the same flaw prompt if you had already rejected it before?

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As the title is written.


I had rejected a flaw earlier in my game because I was not confident in my familiarity with the game, and so any permanent negative modifier turned me off out of caution.

But now that I have been playing for awhile I have been found myself wanting to receive that specific flaw prompt again to accept.


I had searched online for the same question being asked, but I have read conflicting statements of "yes you can", and "no you cannot" on receiving another prompt for a previously rejected flaw.


Hoping on the off chance a staff member or someone with similar authority on the subject could clarify.


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I've completed the game (and every quest I received in that run) and am a decent portion of the way through the game in Supernova mode. In that time I do not recall having ever seen the prompt for any flaw pop up after I rejected it. That doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible, just that when you reject them it likely resets the counter. The fastest way to test that I can think of would be with fall damage and I'm not climbing and jumping off of a high place over and over to see whether or not they offer you the flaw again if you take enough of that damage type again, so I have no proof beyond my own anecdotal experience.

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