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Thoughts on Skills, loot and armor

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I haven not seen much of a reason to equip light armor in this game, outside of having it as a second set for boosting my lock picking and hacking when needed, as in standing next to the objects.

Skill checks seem really easy, I focused dialogue early on, opposite to my normal way I play games to mix it up. I'm on monarch and I have seen I think 1 100 speech check and the rest I don't think have been over 55. The skill system with boost everything to at least 50 easily seems to me to remove the specialization of different play thoughs could provide. I just feel like specing that far into something right away should give a feel of being able to do stuff the game really did not expect you to do. Like weasel out of a tough spot. I' have Parvati in my group and that helps a ton of Persuasion checks. I even with companions and gear get like 70 plus hack points to pas 100 lvl hacks at this point.


Loot also has felt unexciting, I like the idea of spotting good loot in a room that people occupy and attempting to find a way to get it would be fun. Most loot is just average level of the area and bland. Maybe I have just not found anything really exciting like armor with a ton of skill stats or unique weapons with odd effects. The science weapons I did find seem really crappy.


So far on hard I've just been slaughtering my way though since at this point my companions are so op in combat and stats given especially when you spec for buffing them. In combat I hardly do a thing. Companions make the RPG part really fun I enjoy that more then my character being interesting or saying anything. Maybe I have just planned this out to well and just happen to pick the best way to go about the stats.


I'm lvl 20 atm and from anyone much later in the game have I just out leveled anything skill and lvl wise I'm doing by this point or is it that easy to pass all the skill checks short of me doing a solo game without companions. Feel like I have to purposely gimp my stats next play though to not be able to do everything. Enjoying the game so far but I feel like it has evened out everything, no real spikes in the game where specing a certain way could do different things unless you planned for it.

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Idea: Perks that give significant combat bonuses when wearing Light or Medium. Heavy is the obvious go-to for combat at the moment, the others are skill monkey suits that you keep in your duffle bag for spot use.

Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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The only really weird thing, to me at least, is that the perk that doubles skill bonuses ALSO doubles the skill debuffs of wearing heavy armor. It specifically says skill bonuses, so to me anyway it seems odd that a debuff is doubled as if that were somehow a bonus.

That said, I would have loved to see perks or flaws related to armor weights. Perks to offer more benefits for light armor, like faster movement in lighter armors or faster TTD recovery in lighter armors seem like a perfectly logical thing to offer and I am left to wonder why their only real improvement on skills is that they offer a buff toward an entire skill category instead of a single subskill. I found one piece of light armor that offered +10 to a subskill, which left me wondering if there were going to be more like that or if I missed a number of better options in my first run through the game.

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