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  1. All valid points, I feel the same. People just want to believe this is the next Fallout and refuse to realize it's just a small budget AA game with many game design flaws. Even the writing is mediocre, too much deliberate humor and boring NPCs. I guess Obsidian lost its touch once MCA is gone.
  2. Companions are OK, you don't need them much in combat anyway.
  3. Unfortunately I do agree with OP. I had so much hope for TOW, yet what they delivered is a mediocre game designed with old formula and nothing innovative. Even the writing is bland.They tried so hard to make conversation "humorous" it's just too deliberate. NPCs are boring, too many fetch quests offering insane amount to XP. Too many resources lying around evey corner. The whole "exploration" is more like a chore offering reductant resource you never would need. Whole game offers little challenge. In fact, I'd prefer Greedfall than TOW. Pity, I was hoping it could be another amazing game like Arcanum.
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