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The game is fun, great even, absolutely no doubt, I spent the first hour going round the area of the first town before going into it, found so much ammo and gear I was both rich and decently kitted out before going in, so when I did I thought, lets test out NPC reactions and proceeded to snipe folks.

For one, no one outside the "group" cared, I literally went round the entire town killing each group, pop pop pop, 3 headshots, and no one near gave a crap.  Granted I lost faction, so thought, ok, lets continue and proceeded to slaughter the entire outside area.

Went into the bar and as soon as I opened the door, they all attacked, fair doos my rep was down, pop pop pop, all dead, so went in to loot the place.

Now, none of this is really a problem, mechanics, sure, I'll still get into the game... but as I left the bar, a bunch of NPC's appeared from... somewhere, walked over all the dead bodies and continued to have a beer.  This is where I start to think not is all that great in this game.

Still enjoying it a lot for what it's worth, but this was disappointing.


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It's based on D and D systems. As an example there's a system for Noise range that a gun makes. 

Doing what you have has actually caused you to miss a ton of quests from the area your in because you will no longer have access to them. 


Cause you've permanently killed people that had quests (you can kill everyone in the game bar 1 character, yes even main quest characters you can wipe out)


So without any knowledge, you've been penalised big time within that city already. 


It's fine, you can play that way. Just don't expect to do anywhere the amount of quests you could have done. 


Also any of your actions affects way more further down the road. 

Don't think of it like playing a shooter. It's a tabletop system RPG through and through. 

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15 minutes ago, Hurlshot said:

I mean, it's not a murder spree simulator, so it is weird to me that people want it to react better when you do stuff way off the narrative and design of the game. 

It's especially silly when you think of how much ground work Obsidian laid talking about budget limitations etc. for the project. There could be AI for corpse sighting, but I have legitimately never seen anyone complain that the corpse sighting AI in Bethesda games is "walk over, acknowledge corpse by bending down to look at it." And Bethesda games routinely have entire quest lines about murdering people, often in towns, so you kind of have to routinely see the same animation and barks related to corpse-finding a bunch if you're playing that content.

What would you have the AI do when they see a corpse? Run it over to a wood chipper before cleaning up and going back to business as usual? Death and murder are regular parts of these people's lives in the narrative, so other than looking for the killer and cleaning up the area I don't see much else happening. Now, do you want the AI to have corpse disposal routines and destroy items on corpses left unattended? Do they get shunted to some lost and found box? What would all of that add to a game developed with a limited budget?

The game had limited resources, personally I feel that they used them fairly well. Even so I'd expect any more fleshed out reactions to player killing sprees to be along the lines of set off an alarm and clean up the mess. I really am genuinely curious what you wanted to happen. The AI to pick up the corpses bring them to a morgue and hold a wake, complete with mourning spouse where applicable? A GTA style manhunt, escalating through bigger and meaner security forces? There would kind of definitely need to be audio cues and a bunch of audio work for the former, and there are a variety of logical issues with the latter. Not that the latter couldn't be accomplished with say, drop pods "from the board" or some such, an entity with more resources at their disposal. Still, the entire story is about a society playing their corporate musical instruments while the Titanic sinks, so even if that was a consideration for a future sequel, I'd say it wouldn't really make a ton of sense. In this game in particular you're opposing the board's will, whether you do some of the "good" actions or just kill everyone. Why, then, would they only break out the big guns when you start shooting up the joint? Why wouldn't they send drop pods full of soldiers after a player going about their business of disrupting the board's work?

I think people read too much into the idea that you -can- kill every NPC, and not have the game spaz out, or break the main quest. Honestly, tons of games just go for the "We take your weapons in town" approach, and if it does good things for your immersion feel free to put away your gun or melee implement of destruction and pretend the sheriff took your weapon. A realistic reaction from the board would be blacklisting your ship and opening fire on you during takeoff or landing, you'd just get to a point where the game says "You died!" and that's not exactly fun, even if it would be immersive.

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You know when I killed he spacer choice guy I was blown away that I was even able to do so, I immediately felt bad and felt remorse for my actions, however, it showed me just how much they put into this game, this is a role playing game not a crazy persons playground, You make choices, and you live with the outcome, wether it’s immediate or delayed, your actions will have to be answered for in some form or fashion.

how many games, how many years and how many times did I play a game and just totally want to blow away the guy I was talking to because of how he took advantage of his community, or abused power or people, and all the while I was powerless to do so, I would have to take swings at him and they would do no damage and illicit no reaction from said sleeze.....however I realized that this game was the one I had been wanting and longing for and didint even know it until that point!!!

you can choose to hurt people, and steal from them, some people in the game may think of doing the same thing, some won’t, but you have the option to blast away that creepofile if you wanted to, and answer for the decision you made.....to me....personally that is a system I enjoy, that is a game that really takes the red tape off and allows far less boundaries than many of the other games that claim “freedom of choice” 

The outer worlds has that, In Spades!!!

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On 10/25/2019 at 5:09 PM, Hurlshot said:

I mean, it's not a murder spree simulator, so it is weird to me that people want it to react better when you do stuff way off the narrative and design of the game. 

Well, it doesn't really help when the development team basically introduced the game showing how you can kill everyone save for one npc. 

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