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Head bob problem - background layers desync

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6 minutes ago, cstanick said:

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that a Head Bobbing option was added in Patch 1.2. You can find the option to toggle it off and on in Settings under Gameplay.
I hope this helps, and good luck in Halcyon, Freelancers!

Thank you! A bit late, but then again I did plan to buy the game once it's on Steam. Did my first playthrough via the Xbox Game Pass, so I'm not owning it, but this game is a keeper so I'm planning to. 😄

The only thing I wonder is...why just a workaround? Other games have head bobbing, too. But their skybox does not behave in this strange way, or at least I've never noticed it this severely.

Anyway, I'm really glad that even a minor issue like this cought enough attention to warrant an attempt to fix it and that you're still supporting the game. :)

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35 minutes ago, lordzaon said:

Its more strange that this bug occurs only when walking with normal speed. With running or during crouching this bug does not happen.

Not that strange since there is hardly any head bobbing when running...although I cannot remember if this was also true for crouched walking, so you might have a point there. ^^

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