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  1. Not that strange since there is hardly any head bobbing when running...although I cannot remember if this was also true for crouched walking, so you might have a point there. ^^
  2. Thank you! A bit late, but then again I did plan to buy the game once it's on Steam. Did my first playthrough via the Xbox Game Pass, so I'm not owning it, but this game is a keeper so I'm planning to. The only thing I wonder is...why just a workaround? Other games have head bobbing, too. But their skybox does not behave in this strange way, or at least I've never noticed it this severely. Anyway, I'm really glad that even a minor issue like this cought enough attention to warrant an attempt to fix it and that you're still supporting the game.
  3. No, this is also true for users of normal resolutions. It isn't fixed? This is rediculous. After all this time...
  4. Nobody knows I guess. Well the game has been a success already, according to the publisher. So I guess a patch is not high up in their priorities right now. I can't tell if this is normal Obsidian behaviour or if it has changed since they belong to MS. Well, I finished it yesterday evening. I was able to ignore it by mostly not looking at the sky during normal walking. I leave it for Obsidians consideration whether this is something they want their players to avoid...
  5. So now it's really official since also Digital Foundry noticed this in their video at around 1min 58 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-DLnXEJ-wo Approaching two weeks and no patch. Sad.
  6. If you "told" them in the same manner as this topic is titled I kinda understand why they blocked you, but on the other hand a company should always stay professional, nevermind how childish their customers behave.
  7. Didn't realize. ^^ Luckily it seems I'm at least not blind, would've been worse (for me) if you had the same username here and on reddit.
  8. Oh and there are also several reddit threads about this, just for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/theouterworlds/search/?q=head bobbing&restrict_sr=1
  9. What I found is that the higher the FOV, the less apparent is this problem. Default game setting was 75 (very noticeable), 80 still very noticeable, getting better at 85 but I cannot play with anything higher because I'm not a fish.
  10. Took me a few hours to notice this odd head bobbing glitch but now I can't unsee it and am unable to continue playing. When a whole planet or moon is moving up and down while you walk around it looks broken. As if the background is the foreground and the foreground is the background. -.-
  11. ...sorry, I didn't catch the thread on page two. Well I guess I'm not the only one then. This is so distracting that I too will have to pause playing until it has been fixed, which is very frustrating, as I was just falling in love with the game.
  12. I noticed this just now, exiting Greenwater and walking towards the ship. During normal walking, when there's the usual head bobbing, the whole sky / background / horizon is shifting and and down, left to right, slightly, with the movement of the bobbing. It looks super-weird, very distracting and I guess this is not intentional. Probably a bug. I could definitely try and make a video if you don't understand what I mean, but it should be reproducable. Just walk outside of Greenwater. During the day I guess. And what the skybox.
  13. You're right of course. That was also the reason why I initially decided to not only complain but also provide a temporary solution. ^^ Thank you. PS: I wasn't so sure about the tags. What else would make sense for people with this issue to find this?
  14. Mhm...technical support, you sure? I don't think this is a bug, something that can be fixed with a game update. Windows Games Store games have been like this since the very first release. Of course, if Obsidian Entertainment, now part of Microsoft, can somehow forward this to Microsoft and maybe, just maybe facilitate a change of thought...but I guess that's too much to hope for.
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