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Unlike Deadfire in PoE there are no Power Levels and items which boost specific ones (for example for Evocation and Fire attacks).

In general there's no merit in specializing on fire spells - for for thematc reasons it might be fun of course.

There are several items that give you Fireballs per rest - which you can use to expand your fire spell arsenal quite a bit.

For example there is The Flames of Fair Rhîan (sabre) which holds 3 Fireballs per Rest. You can clone it with the Helwax Mold and then have 6 Fireballs per rest. On top of that you can put Curoc's Brand (wand) in another weapon slot and get another Fireball use per rest. Then grab Taluntain's Staff and get another 3 per rest. You are at +10 Fireballs per rest then.

Then you can pick some fiery spell masteries (Fan of Flames, Combusting Wounds, Fireball for example) and all the other fire spells. This will give you an enormous arsenal of fire spells per rest. Pick Scion of Flame and that's it.  If you also pick all the "hater" talents (+25% dmg against vessels, primordial and such - what else would you want to pick as pure fire caster?) you almost have Sneak Attack level (+45% dmg) for fire spell. High MIG, Merciless Hand (+30% crit damage) and Dungeon Delver (+10% crit damage) round the picture.  

Another approach to "Fire Mage":
What also works really well is having 4 weapon sets (Island Aumaua, Arms Bearer) of blunderbusses, Quick Switch and the Coil of Resourcefulness (=switching costs no time). Cast Combusting Wounds and then empty your blunderbusses on one foe who got affected by Combusting Wounds (best is to pick the most meatiest one). You will apply tons of burning DoT instances and the target will die very soon. The remaining guys (which still suffer from Combusting Wounds) should be treated with Wall of Flame. WoF + Combusting Wouds is also devastating. Add lots of other fire spells and there you go. Kind of a Fire(arm) Mage. ;) Sounds like a Wizard who really likes Magran... 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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