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That's the base of nearly every Herald I saw. :)

A Troubadour could also stack Ancient Memory with Soft Winds of Death without gap.

Also stacks with Blackened Plate and Lethandria's Devotion - and all regeneration items like Three Trolls Stiched and so on.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Blood Mage with Three trolls stitched, Flesh mender, troll skin belt(I know it sux but still +1 Regenerate 😄 )Ring of greater regeneration, voidward and bathhouse buff can spam shadow flame spell like there is no tomorrow perma paralysing pretty much anything that is not immune I thought I will use fire or pulsing spells with this character but I never do anymore as there is no point in casting anything else than wizards double and shadow flame 😄 

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