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I've been searching around the forums trying to find a build that would be strong and get me through the game.

I have problems with my short term memory so multi class builds become a lot. I would also like to only have Eder in my party and maybe Maia. Im going to be picking Relaxed or classic, still not sure. 

My biggest problem is the micro managing, so both Eder and Maia will be Single Class

Is there any Single-Class Builds that would work best, or would stand Solo? Something that arent dependable on hitting the right ability at 0,1 sec time. Doesnt need to be OP. Just viable and hopefully fun!

Would love to do all the DLC and bosses etc!

Will pick Turn Based combat 

Help is appreciated! 😄

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Hmm. If you want something without a lot of micro managing, maybe try a more melee-oriented class, like paladin, fighter or barbarian. In my experience, spell-casters are usually better single-classed, especially wizards.

SOLO play on Normal/ Relaxed will be a breeze with a melee wizard. Pick high Perception and Intellect, slap Llengrath's Martial Mastery on them and they'll be good to go. (Micro managing is limited with AI. I really like Sin tee's build: 

Chanters are another viable option, as they're a kind of Jack-of-all-trades class.

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Wizard is great and a lot of fun.

But if you want to beat really EVERYTHING SOLO I do agree with Boeroer. SC monk is great, but pls don't try to trial of iron. If you are free to quicksave and load as many times as you want, SC monk is fine. 

If you do not play trial of iron, I would recommend Helwalker. You can leave might at 10 and fill out others stats because you get up to 10 might from your wounds as helwalker. You will do enough damage with 10 might, trust me.

If you want more consistency and want to be more tanky, you can go Nalpazca. It doesn't sound convincing on the first look because of the downside of Nalpazca, but getting wounds for free is great as a monk. Drugs are also not so rare, can be crafted very easily and there are plenty of people selling drugs aswell.

You can also built a FF monk and be even more tanky while still doing great damage, but I honestly don't know how to beat some of the mega bosses as FF monk.

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