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Restartitis overcome! Finally finished PoE! Time for Deadfire! A few questions concerning my character.

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I finally finished PoE with my Barbarian, and I want his adventures to continue in Deadfire. 

When I made my PoE character, I was torn between a warrior and a spellcaster. The choice fell on the Barbarian, but since I can import my character to Deadfire and have the option to multiclass him, I'm considering making him a Warlock. 

I'm not sure about this though, and I have a few questions: 

1) Does the world care what class I am? More to the point, do people treat me as if though I were a wizard, or does a pure Barbarian have access to the same dialogue options if he invests in the same skills? 

2) Berserker will be my Barbarian subclass. Which wizard subclass (if any) harmonizes with this? I take it that buffing spells are the most important, and that nuking should be left to pure wizards.

3) In terms of power, is a Warlock worse than a pure Berserker? I liked pummeling through hordes with Heart of Fury and Abydon's Hammer in PoE1, can I expect a Warlock to be able to do this?

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1) You'll get class-exclusive dialogue options for each class.  They're usually fairly minor, though.  Mostly for flavor.

2) For a first-timer, I'd argue against any of the Wizard subclasses that lock you out of schools.  Evoker is OK if you want to be a pure nuker, but otherwise, best to avoid limiting yourself before you really understand what you're giving up. 

3) Warlocks are nukers!  Frenzy's boosts to action speed, MIG, and (for Berzerkers) PEN apply to offensive spells.  Also, kills with spells trigger the various "on kill" barbarian passives.  You can do other stuff with them, too, but don't ignore those synergies.  Alternately, single-classed Barb is really really good.  Heart of Fury is a tier VIII ability, which multiclasses can't access.


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I know mods for first playthrough are sometimes a nono but theres a few that really improve the game without imbalancing it. The one with the new wizard subclasses (no lockouts, and better more original subclass feeling, also more spells for single class wizzies) really improved the game for me. Just a thought. 

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Low RES can be worked around.  Average-ish PER and DEX would be bigger concerns to me.  They're just as important (often more important) contributors to a melee damager's effectiveness as MIG is.  Also note that super-high MIG will boost the self-damage you take from Berserker Frenzy.  It's all viable, particularly on sub-PotD difficulty levels, but my preference would be to prioritize PER and DEX a bit more and MIG and CON a bit less.

As is, this build will be fantastic for max-level Barbaric Retaliation shenanagens, but might struggle a bit getting there.  Barbaric Retaliation is a tier-IX ability that launches an instant, no-recovery full attack whenever the character takes a crit in melee.  Pairs well with low deflection, high MIG & CON, and an armor rating as high as you can possibly stack it.  But you can't take that ability until level 19.

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