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What I did is this: just 5 characters are not, in my opinion sufficient to handle all encounters... efficiently.  I purchased and trained a few specific individuals, each a pure non-subclass and speced them out, for instance, a pure Pale Elf rogue, with maximum perception.  She can find open, disarm and steal anything...I equipped her with Scordero's Edge and Grave Calling, and included her in some of the quests... besides being a devastating hitter using Devastating Blow (dual weapon specialization), she is able to discover and find everything..  believe me, there is a level of significant items that are (purposely) easy to miss.  Same goes for Monk (Mirke), I found her to be packed with energy and devastating...  Rekke, I found to be especially handy as a pure fighter equipped with that soul-bound Lord Darryn's Voluage (and at other times, Sanguine Harvest), -very handy in the more difficult encounters... I make use of the Chanter the same way.  So how do you advance them?  Mix them into your party off and on, and go out, seek and board a lot of Principi and get all of your crew the experience they need.  They have to be on the "active" list of 5 for this to work...  if all goes well, one eventually ends up with a fighting crew all at Lvl 20, each with Legendary weapons and armor... Don't forget to give them a higher level of Arcana, giving them the ability to use offensive scrolls, which happen to save the day many times....  Perception is HUGE and using certain accessories/pets handles that also...

Bottom line is give yourself the tools in the toolbox... mix and match accordingly, bringing them all up... it is important to READ everything about all items...

I am not a huge gamer... but I take what I see as a pragmatic approach.

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