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I'm the smallest Aumaua in the Deadfire


This really weird bug happened to me: I'm currently in act 3, and after a few loading screens I started noticing my watcher was getting smaller and smaller, It is now the same size as a party pet, Grog for example is sightly smaller than what my watcher currently is.
I have no idea if some mod tweaked the game files and changed the size of my watcher but I had no issues till now with mods.

Is there some value I can change in Notepad to revert him back to normal? Note that other characters seem normally sized.


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This has to be mod related. I never ever read about that (hilarious) problem before. :)

Of course I can't be entirely sure. 

Just a looong shot but: do you use any mod that changes Wild Growth (Ancient Druid)? Or any other ability that might scale models (Beckoner summons for example)?

Because there currently is a bug that lets characters try to execute abilities of party members. Somehow the command of char A to use ability X jumps to char B who hasn't this ability, causing problems. Maybe some scaling stuff, related to Wild Growth or Beckoner summons or whatever was transferred to your char. Just a very, very wild guess though.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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That's curious. The only thing I noticed with characters changing their size is when you put an item on a new them, sometimes it defaults entire character into a human size, instead of adjusting the item model. That seems like something completely different though. 

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