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Shroud of Darkness vs. both Per and Res resist


In fights against Yseyr or other Death Guards with their Shroud of Darkness aura (applies Blinded and Shaken while in melee range), when a character with both Perception Resistance AND Resolve Resistance comes into melee in TB mode, the combat log gets constantly spammed with messages noting that the Blinded portion of the aura was resisted due to Clear Head (or whatever is granting Perception Resistance).  Also the floater text spams the strikethrough text of Blinded and Shaken constantly.

The resistance abilities are functional, in that the paladin is unaffected by the Shaken as it is completely resisted, and affected only by the Disoriented effect which was successfully resisted down from Blinded.  So it's functional, but super annoying to deal with.

A more annoying secondary effect of this bug, is that even after leaving melee range of the Death Guard, and even after the combat is over, the paladin remains debuffed with Shroud of Darkness (at the resisted Disoriented level and no Shaken due to full Resolve resistance) indefinitely with no duration.  This aura does clear on resting, so you can work around it unless you're limited on your rests due to challenges or whatever.  

I suspect this is an unintended side effect of aura effects refreshing in real time, as noted in the 5.0 patch notes.

This does not happen if the character has only Resolve Resistance or Perception Resistance.  In those cases, all the game interactions appear to operate normally.  The nature of the bug seems to be handling combinations of multiple resistances, where one is fully resisted and the other is only partially resisted.  I can see how this could get missed in testing.

Out of thoroughness, I also tested Perception Immunity along with Resolve Resistance, via a character with Effigy's Husk and the Perception Immunity enchant, along with Horns of the Bleak Mother for resolve resistance.  That resulted in constant floating text spam of strikethrough Shaken, but nothing in the combat log, and after the combat there was no lingering aura.  Also applying full Resolve Resistance through Rejoice, My Comrades, Two Fingers of Daylight stopped the floating text spam in that case.

Super easy to reproduce: 1) in TB mode, build paladin with Clear Head (for perception resistance), and equip with Horns of the Bleak Mother for resolve resistance. 2) spawn a Death Guard (CRE_deathguard) with the console.  3) initiate combat, and move the paladin into melee range. 4) behold the spam.  5) Kill the deathguard, either normally or with the console, while the paladin is still in melee and affected by the aura. 6) check the paladin's status and see the lingering Shroud of Darkness debuff with no duration.


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Hello Wotcha,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!  Would you happen to have a save file we could have where this is occurring so we have something to compare to?  If you could send me a copy to support@obsidian.net along with a link to this thread, that would be great :)  If needed, you can find instructions on where the saves are located here.

Thank you Wotcha, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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