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Linger seems straightforward enough, but when you look at the ability descriptions for chants most of them have an effect duration that is separate from both chant duration and linger. They all look something like:

Duration: 6 seconds

Linger: 3 seconds

Effects: [description of effects] for 10 seconds

Now if the chants apply an effect with its own inherent duration (10 secs) at the beginning of the chant, and chant duration is the time separating chants, what is linger doing? Is the linger duration slapped on after the 10 second duration or after the 6?

If it is after the 6, then linger would be useless for all but the small number of chants with a 6 sec duration. If after the 10, it would be pretty good (10*int modifier + 3*int modifier?).

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Those 10s are a lie, afaik.

Chant's duration is 6s base + 3s linger.

Or just 3s (with Brisk Recitation).

Note: INT and PL can increase only linger.


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