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After months of not playing, I continued on with my game after the new patch came out... and it didn't take me long to note that the trap cursor bug is still there. It's not going to be fixed now, so I must say it makes this aspect of the game look a bit, I don't know, unfortunate, and maybe a tad unprofessional.


I mean, you're in a dungeon, and your cursor happens upon a spot where there's a trap, and the cursor immediately changes to the "disable trap" icon, even if you have not actually spotted the trap. Doesn't look good.

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Afaik that's not a bug but by design. The goal is to enable you to spot traps by yourself (as player) and disarm them with mechanics. So high PER is helpful, but not mandatory. Nearly all traps are designed in a way that you can see them without highlighting them. Small graphical hints that show that there's a trap.

At least there was a video very early in the beta phase with Josh explaining that you are able to disarm traps without spotting them with PER.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Wow. Very interesting, thanks for that. I have to say that kind of makes the idea of traps moot, since the game makes it impossible not to spot them, if you pay any attention at all. An odd choice, but yeah, if it's by design, then it's fine (although not a good idea in my view, but that doesn't matter).

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