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wrong seals. though they is hypnotic, no?

still wrong.

priestly seal spells: repulsing, warding and searing.

we first mentioned this in the now dark past o' 2017, but whenever we see folks discussing advantages and disadvantages o' priestly seal spells, we almost never see a recognition o' empowers. not only may a seal spell be cast before combat functional for free as the per-encounter usage will regenerate if one waits a few seconds to begin a fight, but the seal may similarly be empowered outside o' combat. sure, the empower will still count against the per rest limit, but the per encounter empowering will regen allowing for a functional extra empower during difficult combats. warding seal is a particular nice opener for a battle with multiple foes as it provides an aoe interrupt. a well positioned warding seal will interrupt multiple foes as they is activating their opening abilities.

just sayin'

HA! Good Fun!

ps we would not be averse to obsidian adding militarized siberian seals to deadfire or poe 3... possible as a ranger companion. seems ideal for a coastal aumaua ranger.

kidding. we kid.


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Yes, that's nice.

I think most players just don't use empower that often in the first place. And I also think most players still don't fully realize - or keep in mind - that any spell use that you can spend outside of combat regenerates if the fight doesn't get started. Seals are pretty cool in that regard because they stay a very long time.

Players are often surprised when I write that I use spells to lure enemies away from a doorway or a crate or so. For example I use Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights for that a lot. If you cast them into a corner (and don't hit anybody) the enemies will walk to that corner and check out the noise. Your spell use will get replenished. And so on. You can chain-cast like that and lure them further away. Doesn't work on friendly NPCs though (only Sparkcrackers will get their attention it seems).

So - I believe it just doesn't come to mind that seals (and the replenishable spell use in general as long as you don't start a fight with a spell) are actually very useful. Maybe because in actual combat they are not that great - or rather their biggest advantage (stays long) doesn't matter there.

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