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Finished the game today and had an ace time. Just wanted to share this moment from a few hours earlier as I was cleaning up the Deadfire at level 20.


I hated Fampyrs. This fight with a whole bunch of them had me reloading more than once and I nearly reloaded this one. But I figured I'd let it play out:









Despite being turned into a pig, having quaffed all his potions and having been knocked out once already the big lad pulled through. It's moments like this that make the knock-out / encounter recovery system really shine.


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I remember a similar experience in PoE1 when facing Thaos.

Eder was the last man standing and eventually prevailed. It was before Defender modal and constant recovery nerf. Thaos simply couldn't kill the ever generating fighter.

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Edér best meat shield.

I just got through the Neriscyrlas fight (on Veteran) and my Swashbuckler Watcher had nailed her with Gouging Strike at the get-go; i had Maia (Geomancer), Pallegina (Herald), Ydwin (Cipher), and Vatnir (Priest).  Vatnir used Withdraw on Ydwin, then after an Empower, used it on Maia and me.  Everyone went down (Pallegina twice thanks to Saint's War Armor), and i ran away with 17 hit points left behind Naxivas's column after the last Godhammer reduced the dracolich to about 1/8 life, then waited for GS to grind her down.  Maybe Rymrgand smiled.

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