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  1. Finished the game today and had an ace time. Just wanted to share this moment from a few hours earlier as I was cleaning up the Deadfire at level 20. I hated Fampyrs. This fight with a whole bunch of them had me reloading more than once and I nearly reloaded this one. But I figured I'd let it play out: Despite being turned into a pig, having quaffed all his potions and having been knocked out once already the big lad pulled through. It's moments like this that make the knock-out / encounter recovery system really shine.
  2. Hello! I'm unsure (and would like to remain unsure if at all possible!) if Sagani is in any way involved in Pillars 2, but I noticed she was absent from the saved game I imported. Just to be sure she hadn't died I went and finished the final scene of Pillars 1 again with her in the party and it seems the .gamecomplete file updated (the date changed) but still only 5 characters (of 6) show on the screen? Just wondering with other save import bugs floating around whether this is something to be at all concerned with or just a UI bug perhaps connected to the additional custom character in
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