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Do they become untargetable for 3 rounds but only dazed? or do u just become immune to it


same with stasis shell from cipher



one more question!  are knock backs (or push) considered an interrupt? and if i push an engaged target, do they take a disengagement attack from my allies? thx

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The "disabling" effects of Withdraw, Beetle Shell and Stasis will not get altered by resistances, immunities or inspirations. They seem to be hard-wired and not part of the usual affliction/inspiration/resistance/immunity system.


Generally speaking: push effects will disable engagement, then move the character. Therefore: no disengagement attacks.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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The description says that it applies Stunned, but it lies. It applies Stasis effect.

Stasis prevents the target from performing any actions, but gives it 999999 damage shield.


P.S. That damage shield works only vs stuff that goes through attack resolution. So if let's say you have applied a raw DoT prior to stasis, it will continue ticking and dealing damage.

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