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Why do enemies break out of Charm randomly?

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I get that when you hit a charmed enemy creature they sometimes break out, but I notice sometimes they break out on their own.


just now, I was aiming a buff spell on my priest as soon as I hovered my cursor over the charmed monster it broke out of the charm! right before my eyes. (and that's hover, not click). 99% sure this is a bug. this got nothing to do with Intellect Affliction resistance right? 



Also another question, 
is there any way to improve my bloodmage's chance of restoring spells when using sacrifice? i keep failing my lvl 6 restores :<

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Only cast tier-6 spelling before restoring.


@breaking out of mind control prematurely: no idea, never experienced that.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Only cast tier-6 spelling before restoring.

Afaik Blood Sacrifice restores differently from Brilliant.


There are 3 tiers. And if you have access to rank 9 spells, these tiers would be: 1..3, 4..6, 7..9.

When you use BS, the game rolls the tier at random. After that it deals corresponding damage, and restores 1 spell usage in the limits of that tier's range.


So if the player has casted only 1 rank-6 spell during combat so far, and wants to get that spellusage back, he has only 33% chance to get it. And it's usually better to use one spell from each tier first, before using BS.




As for charm ending prematurely... I have experienced this in PoE1 (where it was a bug, and which I've fixed in the UPMod).

But I haven't experienced this in Deadfire.


That said, here it can break:

- from friendly fire (starting from v1.2 patch iirc)

- if someone has landed an INT inspiration on it. Or took away 5s via Minor Intercession.

- if it's a rogue with Slippery Mind, who got Bloodied or Near Death.

- if there was some enemy paladin with bare fists and Aegis of Loyalty (although haven't seen such enemies)

Also, if an enemy warrior was dominated (not charmed), he could theoretically get rid of it via Tactical Barrage depending on his AI.


And lastly there could theoretically be some unexpected interactions with hostile periodic effects. Let's say enemy B casts Chill Fog. And you charm enemy A, and after that enemy B. And I wonder if it counts as friendly-fire towards charm end, if A gets hit by B's Chill Fog.

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