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because I was testing Forbidden Fist a bit (is a non-weapon melee attack that works with Instruments of Pain) I was thinking I could do a quick test to see which other non-weapon abilities will gain increased range with Instruments of Pain. I suspected Grimoire Slam and similat would work but thought: "Well while I'm at it I could test a few more..".


So here's a list. I didn't test all abilites but just some I suspected might work due to weird implementation. Some I just happened to have and stumbled over them. Upgrades of abilites usually automatically also work if the base ability works. There are some surprises:



  • Grimoire Slam: 0.8m --> 4.5m
  • Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp: 1m --> 6m
  • To my surprise Jolting Touch did NOT work.



  • Forbidden Fist: 0.8m --> 4.5m


  • Beetle Shell: 15m --> 90m
  • Sunlance: 20m --> 120m


  • Coordinated Positioning: 2.5m --> 15m


  • Lay on Hands: 3m --> 18m
  • Liberating Exhortation: 10m --> 60m
  • Reviving Exhortation: 10m --> 60m
  • Hastening Exhortation: 10m --> 60m
  • Reinforcing Exhortation: 10m --> 60m


  • Heal Companion: 4m --> 24m


Maybe you'll find some more. :)


One of the more interesting is Coordinated Positioning in my opinion. The short range always made it meh for my taste. But to imagine one yould simply teleport oneself to the enemy backline while transporting a squishy into the midst of your party to finish him off is... nice I guess.

Also Lay on Hands and Heal Companion do profit. The rest seems funny but most of the time the range is high anyways - who needs a 120m range for Sunlance? ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Lay On Hands and Coordinated Positioning both seem really useful, good find.


I wonder how you could engineer a situation where you could use a 120m Sunlance. Poko Kohara strikes me as a possibility - sneak a character over to the Xaurips to allow for targeting, then start firing from the Drake/Delemgan encounter. Does Fog of War block LoS? Would you have to build a bridge of characters through the Fog of War to actually have LoS? Hm. Gonna have to test this.

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It has high base damage and good PEN. And of course the crazy base range of 20m. It's kind of a good Assassin spell actually.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I always just wonder if spells like that do enough damage to a single target to be worth 7.5 seconds of casting/recovery and one of your two slots at that level. I can see the value if it can reliably snipe a high priority squishy. I just always suspect the damage will be disappointing.

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The high base damage works really well with PL boosts (and even just normal additive damage). It'd probably edge out typical Druid weapons like Spine of Thicket Green and Lord Darryn's Voulge, which have a 4.7 sec attack cycle iirc. 2x Sunlance takes roughly the same time as 3x auto-attack. Napkin math says Sunlance wins out (120-150 v. ~90-120 for a legendary QStaff) but that's just looking at base damage and base speed.


It's also killer in TB.

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