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August release date leaked?

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Just thought this was interesting. 




Honestly not too surprised, this was somewhat what I'd already expected, but if true - definitely good news to me. Can't wait to try it!


What are your thoughts? Do you think this is legit? Do you think they'll make it, or will it get postponed?


Obviously I want them to take as long as they need, but at the same time, I'm so excited that I would love to have it as soon as august.

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August is mid q3 and a delay into even December just makes it a slip into Q4, Tons of these kinds of early leaked street dates leaked right out of someone's less pleasant orifices rather than any concrete source. That said, the Game Informer push could support a Q3 launch date but Obsidian would probably rather wait and get as much as they can to be perfect out of the gate as possible. MS and T2/PD both have skin in this game so a major QA push from one and a ton of advertising from the other wouldn't be unreasonable.


I think the real question is when they will announce an official date, and even as recently as Pillars 2 Obsidian needed more time and took it. If Obsidian's first launch post MS acquisition and Private Division's biggest pc game to date afaik releases buggy af that would be very bad. Especially for me, because I want to spend a lot of money on Outer Worlds games in the coming millenia. All hail Spacer's Choice's right to 7 nonconsecutive minutes of leisure time per cycle!

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It's supposed to release in 2019, it has been in the works for a while now, what has been shown so far looks pretty solid. August is only 5 months away, so some more publicity would be expected before release, but if the steam page was leaked that means they might be preparing for marketing push, with official date announcment and steam page to wishlist.

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