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[4.1.1] [Bug] Problems with Enemies not properly "activating"/spawning




I've had this problem pretty consistently with a few enemy encounters upon combat start, where they don't have a ring at all, aren't targetable and don't attack. The first time I encountered it was right after release at the engwithan digsite in the one room with the three Imps, one Imp would just sit there and do nothing. 

This was since fixed, so i never reported it because i thought the problem in general was being addressed. But i kept encountering it on some occasions, specifically in the ruins of xaur-tuk-tuk (the fire elemental) and the Island Dungeon with all the vampyrs whose name escapes me at the moment. 

This is especially common on reloads or when starting combat from stealth. In the case of the ruins it's especially unfortunate since mother sharp-rock only leaves her cage when all enemies are defeated.

Here is a screenshot for illustration:




I made a save there too in case it's needed.


Edit: forgot to say, i can usually fix it if i reload the autosave that was created when entering the dungeon.

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Hello RuralBuddha,


I'm sorry you are having troubles with untargettable enemies during your playthrough.  if you have that save available I would be super appreciative to get it so we can take a look into this since we haven't been able to reproduce it lately.  If needed, you can find instructions on where your saves are located here.  If you could send the file to me at support@obsidian.net along with a link to this thread as a reference, that would be amazing.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing.

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