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Missing DLC error



This is like the 4th time I've had this bug. It seems like whenever there is a new major release I have to go through this same Missing DLC bug happening where all of my recent saves have a Missing DLC issue. I know you all are working hard on all bugs, and I love the game, but I've had this issue, with what seems like, every major update the past few months. I've attached screenshots showing the problem and my version number.


Thanks for your help and a great game!



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Hello Maaront,


I'm assuming this is for The Forgotten Sanctum on MacPlay version of Deadfire?  If so, could you message this to me at support@obsidian.net so I can get you back up and running with help from Apple.


I'm sorry for the trouble this has been causing.  This should be the last time this should have happened since there are no more paid DLCs to cause this and any new characters you create should not cause this issue.


Thank you Maaront.

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Yeah pretty much the same tale of woe as maaront in that every major DLC release breaks the ability to load recently saved games. Every time I start getting into the game and enjoying it this happens. It would be just about tolerable if a subsequent fix was released in a few days but last time I waited weeks for the fix and had almost abandoned the game.


Tonight I was playing for two hours or so with no issues closed the game down while I grabbed something to eat fo 30 minutes and when I restarted the game none of the recent saves can be loaded! I can tell you that this is very frustrating!!!


I have even been through the loop of giving the support team my saved files etc. and them having worked with Apple to resolve the issue which eventually they did and it did work for a while but the next DLC release broke it again. Gaps like this totally spoil the gameplay as I have found I have forgotten various aspects of the story, quests and my strategy while waiting for the next fix.


To be honest the experience has put me off buying any more Obsidian games despite the fact that some look really good and I love playing this game when it works. 


Just wanted to write this comment so maaront knows he is not alone.

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